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Weed is here in Canada, what does it mean for your skincare?

Weed is here in Canada, what does it mean for your skincare? The short answer, is not much. Today is officially the day where weed is now legal across our great country- Canada.  It’s a tricky beast of an issue- there are so many questions that relate to it in a thousand ways. People are […]

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Our Products as Dupes for Other Brands

It feels funny to think of our products as dupes for any other company (although if we were forced to compare there are some similarities with Drunk Elephant but that is another post) but we do get asked how to our products compare with the cheaper options at The Ordinary.  We fully admit that we […]

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Pur Opulence and The Sunscreen Company Brand Overview

Kiara from Pur Opulence had a chance to feel out some of our most popular products from across our three brands Ava Isa, CyberDERM and Natrèceutique. Check out her thoughts and recos- a great summer read. Click here to read: http://puropulence.com/beauty/sunscreen-company


All About Sunscreen with Life with Zandra

Check out Sara, our Executive Director, and her chat with vegan lifestyle blogger from Calgary Life with Zandra.  They chat about what makes for a great sunscreen, sunscreen myths and so much more. Check it out here: http://www.lifewithzandra.com/beauty/everything-about-sunscreen

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How our Ava Isa SPF 45 Ultra Matte Sunscreen Line Came to Be

The Story of Ava Isa The idea for our new line of ultra-matte sunscreens Ava Isa came to me while I was pregnant with my daughter Ava Isabella.  We’d been discussing for a long time the troubling statistic that in young women aged 25-30, skin cancer was the number one cancer killer (more on that […]