New Year of 2015, cyberderm

15 Random Things to Know for the New Year of 2015

New Year of 2015, cyberdermWe’ll admit this list of 15 things to know for 2015 is a bit random indeed.  You never know though- you might find one nugget of truth that will have you looking your best this year and for all the years to come!

1. The Word Basic has a new meaning

basic girl, 15 random things to know in 2015

The Supposed”Basic” Girls’ Uniform

Rap artists have started using this as a form of throwing shade at each other. The term ‘basic’ is now an insult- who knew! There were even costume ideas based on going as a “Basic” Girl. Fortunately, many of us are past the age of caring about the label- so feel free to drink your Starbucks in your very comfortable UGGs and slimming leggings with no fear.

2. Product claims of Non-Comodogenic Don’t Mean Much

The idea of what ingredients can clog pores and which don’t came from a 1972 study by Kilgman and Mills.  They used testing on rabbits ears to see which individual ingredients were comodogenic. This list was largely disseminated among physicians as ones to avoid, especially for acne prone patients.  However, since then studies have shown that these ingredients are rarely used in concentrations high enough in finished formulas to give the same results.   Unfortunately, you can’t really tell from a product’s ingredients what will be comodogenic- sometimes you just have to try it first. We’d recommend searching for products with few but high quality ingredients, that have no “no-no’s” (like the Dirty Dozen or anything on the EWG that rates higher than a 3-4) and use actual therapeutic concentrations of their actives.

3. You Can Freeze your Fat Off

Yes- it’s true! Science is a beautiful thing- if you haven’t heard about this new treatment, click here.

4. No Lip Pencil will Give you Kylie Jenner’s Lips

Kylie Jenner Lips, 15 random things to know for 2015

Magic Lip Pencils?

It feels a little silly to debate over a 17 year olds lips but for those looking to replicate her look with a lip pencil- you might need a little more help.  Lip injections will give the vermillon border a fuller look but in the strictest theory of aesthetics- your upper lip is not meant to be bigger than your lower lip.  We say to each their own-but we thought we should do some expectation management, that’s a lot of pressure to put on one little lip pencil!

5. By 2016, Sunscreens Will Get Even Better

Thanks to the recent law in the US- our southern neighbour should be introducing some new and amazing filters to their repertoire by around 2016.  They will give us formulators access to ingredients that have been in the EU for decades and will let us make even better sunscreens.  Here’s hoping Canadian regulators make similar changes- nudge, nudge.

6.  Chapped Lips can be a bummer, especially with the recent popularity of darker lipsticks like Marsala, Pantone Colour of 2015.

Katerina Jane Iredale, Marsala Lipstick, Pantone 2015, 15 random things to know for 2015

One of our Favourite Interpretations of Marsala Pantone Colour of 2015

While petroleum based lip products like Vaseline do provide long lasting protection they are also derived from the same thing that we fill our cars up with. We think our Ectoins Mineral Balm is one of the most healing out there (it was originally created for post-laser recovery). With copper, peptides, olive oil, ectoins and more in a soothing olive oil base-you’re more than covered.

7. There is a fairy god mother for under-eye bags!

Neotensil is the latest from a group of Harvard based dermatologists and researchers- it’s like Spanx for the under eye. This fairy-tale product will only last 14 hours but it gives you a glimpse of possibilities that might make you consider more invasive procedures.

8. Oxybenzone has shown to cause a potential decrease in male fertility by 30%!

It can affect women as well but the signs may be more subtle. Look through your cosmetics (including lip products!) and sunscreens and reconsider if there is not a better choice.

9. Pure oils make the best body moisturizer

Just apply them to damp skin after the shower and you won’t need heavy, occlusive ones.

10. Make sure your all-natural products don’t contain photo-toxic essential oils

essential oils, photo-toxicity, 15 random things to know for 2015

Play It Safe and Avoid Essential Oils from the Citrus Family in Your Skincare

Essential Oils are all the rage now in cosmetic products but make sure that your product does not contain any from the citrus family. As a general rule of thumb- most of them are photo-toxic, meaning they have negative reactions to sunlight. Ever get a dash of lime juice on your skin in the summer, you get automatic pigment in that spot! Not something you want for your skin!

11. Ingest your Photo-Protection

You can boost your photo-protection orally! While we don’t recommend ever skipping sunscreen any time in the year- you can up the anti and decrease inflammation in the form of free radicals with daily intake of anti-oxidants.

12. You can Rock a Strong Full Brow

how to regrow brows, 15 random things to know for 2015

Oh Drew, what did you make us all do?

If you were a teenager or older in the 90’s, many of us might have been an unfortunate victim of tweezing our arches into oblivion.  The fuller brow look has returned and it’s actually very flattering for all.  We’re a big fan of brow mascaras to give you the fuller look through the ‘fans’- i.e. brush the hairs up through the inner corners of the brows where they should be the thickest.  You can use brow powder to naturally fill in the rest.  Latisse will help bring back new growth. Botox will also restore a natural beautiful arch if done properly.

13. Improvements in Technology Means Less Pain but Equal Gain

We all often say “No Pain-No Gain” but that is getting to be less and less true every year.  Especially when it comes to cosmetic services for the face, there are more options available based on the length of downtime one wants to experience.  I’m still a huge advocate of annual Foto-facials for those who are candidates as a preventative treatment.  There is now also a relatively new comer the Venus Viva, which looks like it will provide some actual tightening (something a lot of technologies struggle with) and some re-texturizing as well.  It’s always worth checking back in with your medical service provider because there are new possibilities every day. Just make sure they are credible providers and inquire about their training as opposed to looking for those who offer deep discounts or compete on pricing.

14. Don’t Let your Hands and Neck Show your True Age

We see beautiful women as our clients come in all the time who look what I call ageless.  They are clearly women who take very special care of their complexions, and then match it with superb fashion and other beauty stylings.  Sometimes though, they will have neglected the three other areas that age in a similar way to our faces.  I call these other areas in addition to our faces our assets and they are your neck, chest and hands.  If you are still in the preventative phase, it’s as simple as using most of your facial products on these areas as well- this includes your sunscreen.  Leathery texture and brown pigmentation are the most clear signs of sun damage.  If you are in the maintenance phase of life, then there are cosmetic services that can be used on these areas.  Not all light based technologies are suitable for these areas- especially the chest that can be very delicate but there are definite options.

15. 2015 Is the Year of the Sheep

chinese year of the lamb, 15 random things to know for 2015

Who Doesn’t Want a Little Lamb?

For most of us, Chinese Astrology is a quaint notion that we read about on take-out menus.  However, other’s are big proponents of it and they take it seriously. So seriously that there is some dispute over whether believers will schedule conception times based on the specific year of birth for their children.  2015 is the year of the sheep starting at the end of February.  Sheep are characterized as lovely, compassionate and gentle people.  According to this article in the Washington Post, not everyone wants that for their unborn child! Crazy! For many, this is the final fact of 15 very random things to know in 2015, for others, they may or may not be delaying some fruitful nookie because of it!

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and beautiful 2015 no matter whether you take heed of any of these 15 tidbits- we’ll talk again next month!


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