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Ingredient Spotlight on EUK-134

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EUK-134- The Super Anti-Oxidant from Canada as found in CyberDERM’s PM Anti-Age
Spotlight on EUK-134
Ingredient Name: EUK-134
CD Product Used In: PM Anti-Age, click here to go to Product Page.
Official Name: It’s a mouthful- Ethylbisiminomethylguaiacol Manganese Chloride
Skin Benefits: Like a juice cleanse for your skin cells.  Mimics essential enzymes like Super Oxide Dismutase and catalyse that keep your skin cells their healthiest possible.  Constantly mops up free radicals and hydrogen peroxide molecules that other anti-oxidants can break down and leave behind. It operates in a continuous loop of free radical scavenging so it’s a hard little worker that never quits! Has clinical studies to back its claims to help protect against the DNA damage that UVB rays can cause, click here to read article in Journal of Investigative Dermatology.  
Origin: Made in Canada, Montreal to be exact!
Recommended Use: .01-.05%
 Cost: This material is priced in grams as opposed to traditional KG- $250/10 grams.

Ingredient Spotlight: Indian Gooseberry

Official Name: Indian Gooseberry, Emblica or Amla
CyberDERM Product Used in: Emblica Light and Bright
Indian Gooseberry For Bright, Beautiful Skin: An Ancient Ayurvedic Wonder
Skin Benefits: Like it’s Ayurvedic counterpart Turmeric, Indian Gooseberry is actually used internally and externally for a number of different ailments.  However, we use it specifically to control pigment.  It’s such a potent anti-inflammatory that it calms overly reactive melanocytes (cells that create pigment) and tells them to stop overproducing melanin.  It’s therefore great for any one with pigment issues, whether it’s melasma, hyperpigmentation from trauma, freckles etc.  Check out our Before and After from using our Emblica Light and Bright.
Origin: India
Recommended Use: 1-2%

CD % Used: 2%

Cost: For being so effective, it’s actually an active priced at an incredible value.  At $140/kg, it may not be our most expensive ingredient we use but it’s a powerful one.