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The Fat Chic

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The many, many benefits of Oil
I recently stopped and surveyed all the ways that fats have infiltrated my life in the past couple of months. I’m not talking about fat around my midriff, as my last post on Coolsculpting talks about- I’m freezing that kind out of my life.  However, in every other way, I’m embracing it.  I’m cleansing, ingesting, gargling and rubbing it on everything.  Fat is the New Black in commodities and it’s worth investigating why.
Food and beauty have both seen the re-emergence of fat from its prior exile of the 90’s.  It’s role as public enemy #1 has been taken over by sugar.  It does make you wonder whether our new obsession is a trend or a movement. Will we look back ten years from now and think what was I doing?
I have no way of knowing but I do know that I’ve been doing things that I would have normally considered abhorrent on a daily basis.  As I type, I’m oil pulling.  Yes, oil pulling is about to break mainstream but for those of you who don’t know- it’s the process of swishing oil in your mouth for 10 mins and more on a regular basis.  The promise of a sparkly white smile pulled me in but for the best advice on how-to and why, I recommend a  friend’s blog Living Pretty, Naturally.  Once I learned that coconut oil is a thousand times better than olive oil when it comes to holding something in my mouth for 10 minutes, I was a pulling pro. 
I also remember the first time I put straight oil on my face and the near panic I felt.  Decades of hearing about oil-free beauty products had me worrying that I would wake up the next day horribly broken out despite what I had read. The panic was unnecessary- I know include adding pure oils to my skincare routine regularly.  I often apply pure oil to my face just before cleansing or I will dab a little on dry or sensitive areas. It has been a huge help on my patch of exzcema on my forehead since I can’t use much else without irritating it further.
However, once you move past your initial fears- the world of oils is pretty exciting.  I’ve been playing with Inca Inchi oil for the past few months while in the R&D phase for our next product- an unnamed facial oil (yes, it will come out before the end of the year and we could use some name suggestions).  I’ve been researching the benefits of other oils to include- rosehip for anti-aging, carrot oil but for it’s rather unfortunate and potent smell, the beautiful and lust worthy macadamia oil that I’ve been applying to my hair before bed time.  I even bought some Neem oil to use with geranium oil as a bug repellent for my upcoming trip to Thailand for my honeymoon.  I’ve been quaffing my 3 a day Glisodin with krill oil and have been feeling very hydrated.
In thinking about it, oils as the ticket to a long and health life seems to be more and more intuitive.  Fat baby cheeks have always been a sign of youth and is the reason why we still inject people’s faces for that youthful and plump appearance.  The silk and glide of oil on skin feels luxurious.  It gives your hair a beautiful sheen.  Maybe it’s en vogue nature will be a trend but I can only use how I’m feeling as my own guide.  I can say honestly that I’m feeling more sustained in all aspects of my life.  Everything feels more hydrated and satiated so I’m sticking with my coterie of fats for the foreseeable future. 
Best regards,