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The One-Year Wedding Plan to Matrimonial Beauty

It’s officially less than one year before my wedding is set to take place in the beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake.  It’s currently peak wedding season so everyday I get bombarded by tips and tricks from e-zines and newsletters on wedding day beauty.  While you may not or can’t afford to indulge in all of them, here are some options for the bride who is a bit of a beauty-phile to pick and choose from.
Simply Zinc Sun Whip for wedding beauty
9 month countdown to Wedding Beauty

I am due for a haircut but now is also a good time to sit with my stylist and formulate a plan for maximizing hair growth so that I get the long layered look I would like for the big day.  I do not want to walk around for the next year looking like a Wookie with split ends so it will be about finding a good balance between somewhat regular trims and growing my hair out.  I also want to get a hair-piece for added fullness the day of so a quick conversation now will help me know roughly what length and type will be best. (Editor’s Note: My stylists initial recommendations were to keep my hair in peak condition by heat styling the least amount possible- bought Kevin Murphy’s Dry Shampoo to make blowouts last longer).

Cost: Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo $30 +/-

October is routinely my foto-facial month so this is not anything different.  If you slipped during the summer and got even a faint amount of colour, it pays to use September to get back to your natural state.  You can then do any laser procedure safely.  There are actual studies that show routine foto-facials help to create new collagen and elastin fibers so I think everyone should make them at least an annual maintenance item.  I’m also hoping to clear up any extra rogue freckles or broken capilliaries.  If you have a lot of uneven brown or red tones, it is a good idea to schedule two foto-facials about 6-8 weeks apart so that on your second treatment you can get even more aggressive. 

Cost: Foto-facials $350 +/- per session
I have one little acne scar on my left cheek from when I was 16 that has always kind of bothered me. Most people probably do not notice it but while I am obsessing over my physical appearance this might be the time to once and for all buff that little guy right out.  I would only trust this machine to the most skilled practioners hands but a fully ablative laser will just buff the scar away permanently, as opposed to dermal fillers as a temporary solution.  I would only contemplate doing this far, far in advance of the big day since it will take sometime to heal and you always want some ‘goof-proof’ time as I like to say. 

Cost: Hard to say

In Toronto, we are lucky to have a great selection of salons that focus solely on hair extensions.  I’m 99% sure that I will get a custom fit clip in made for me- at $300+ it’s an investment.  However, unlike regular extensions you can keep your new hair for a couple of years with good care and pop it in for a Friday night out.  I have quite thick hair and therefore a lot layers.  The hair will just help add fullness although my fiancé keeps teasing me about pulling my weave. 

Cost: Custom Hair Clip $300 +/-
If you’re someone who gets fillers normally, it’s a good idea to get them about 6 months prior to your big day.   You can make sure that you are happy with your results- add or (if you had to) remove any 3 months before so that you can get the optimal look.  Also, just remember, duck lips and puffy cheeks may be having a moment in the celebrity world but you do not want to look back on your wedding photos and cringe.  If you are going for the fillers, remind your doctor to have a light hand for a natural look. 

Cost: Fillers $600 per syringe
Now is a good time to start using Latisse if you are keen on the long-lashed look for the big day.  You get to see your results at 4 months out but starting a little early just gives you a little extra time to maximize your results.

Cost: Latisse $200 per 5 ml

Three months out is really trial time.  If you want to get your make-up professionally done- start doing consults.  Play with different types of make-up- I have heard great things about airbrush make-up so maybe find a specialist.  You can also use any promos that you received from the Bridal show season in the winter to try and find some savings.  I’m very lucky that my long time friend/co-worker Karina will be doing my makeup with mostly Jane Iredale.  We will sit down around this time just to confirm the overall look that I want and colours that might work. 

Cost: Make-up trial and day of wedding application $80-$150
At the two month stage, it’s good to do a run through of services that you do not normally indulge in.  I want lash-extensions and possible a spray tan, both of which will be a first for me.  You want to not be learning from scratch the big day so after doing your research, try these things at least once.  If you hate it or maybe just dislike the place you went to, you have time to figure it out and regroup.  I may rethink the spray tan the closer I get- I’m not thrilled about standing naked in small spaces being sprayed down.  In which case, I will start practicing from now the self-tanner.
Secret to Wedding Day Beauty: Simply Zinc Sun Whip all day
Me and My Sister (Maid of Honour) at a wedding this summer

Also, if you are hard on your nails and feet, start investing in some manicures and pedicures.  If you are a prodigious nail biter or have really ragged cuticles, a one-time service may not get you to where you want to be.  I find nothing makes me feel more polished or like a lady than having manicured nails so it’s worth the added expense to get it professionally done. 

Cost: Lash Extensions $150-$200, Spray Tan $50

One month out- chaos ensues! I’m guessing- maybe chaos does not happen but this most likely will be crunch time.  The trick will be to keep active to help release stress and not stress eat.  I also tend to get the Bermuda triangle of dermatitis right in the center of my forehead during moments of anxiety.  Luckily there is my deep yoga breathing to the rescue!

Clearly, a lot happens this day in terms of beauty, and oh yes, getting married.  I did get one question though I thought worthwhile to bring up- should you wear sunscreen?  Make-up aesthetics and making sure there is no shine the day of during photos will be important.  However, if you are outside, especially in a sunny climate, wear sunscreen!  You do not want to be sunburnt either!  The Every Morning Sun Whip is more matte and goes nicely with primers.  If you are on a beach though, go for the Simply Zinc Sun Whip and mattify with extra powder.

Finally, I’m sure many of you whom are already married, look back and think it’s a lot of fuss for one day.  A whole year of beauty strategizing is admittedly a bit much but as I’ve said all along- it should be an enjoyable process throughout.  Have fun and indulge a little!  It’s not all about pain and gain but I am excited to try new things.  I promise to blog about anything interesting that happens along the way.  I’ll also post a bridal pic so you can see how it all comes together. 

Share your plans or pics too! Would love to hear from you.


Nu-Shroom Before and After

We’ve been touting the amazing instantaneous effect that our Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum showed in our R&D.  Well here is one amazing before and after from our pilot study.  Our volunteer’s skin looks dramatically improved, it looks hydrated and plumped up.  Any fine lines are softened and diminished. Her pores look just generally tightened.  Any ruddy tones are diminished.  Even the area around her orbital bones looks gently lifted.  All of this occurred 2-3 minutes after application, once the product had been fully absorbed.  Of course, the product is also designed to bring long term anti-aging benefits- the instant improvement is just a little extra incentive to keep using it!

Feel free to send us your before and afters- we hope you enjoy it!