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Serums that go Plump…

Here at CyberDERM, we’re in the lab like mad Chemistry majors testing our latest product in the pipeline…a serum.  Our loyal fans have been asking for one for a while since we all appreciate a little extra hydration.  We wanted to take it to the next level though and do something that has an instantaneous kick to it.  Our vision was that you could be getting ready for date night and pow- our serum gives you great looking skin and a little je-ne-sais-plump. We also wanted people to be able to use it for long term anti-aging benefits too, but some short term visible effects also give you extra incentive.
Turns out, that is harder to do than you would think.  At first, we looked into light-refracting crystals that give the optical illusion of blurring wrinkles.  We also investigated an active that claimed to bind water from the surrounding air and draw it into the skin.  Turns out that active just reacted to the water in the product and did nothing once it got to the skin and the crystals have been done and lack the wow-factor.  So back to the drawing board….
We then stumbled on this little magic mushroom- not that kind, we swear! This one is called the Silver Ear mushroom and it is meant to be a natural form of hyaluronic acid (again, not that kind of acid).  Hyaluronic acid is what we all have naturally in our skin and is also contained in certain types of dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.  It naturally binds 1000x its weight in water, which is why it is a natural plumper.  It’s natural, it’s effective…we’ve considered naming the product Magic Mushroom because it is such an ingenious little ingredient but that probably will not fly from a marketing point of view.  If you come into the store once its launched though, and give us a little wink when you ask for it, we’ll know what you are talking about. 
We then added a healthy dose of two other natural extracts, one a form of Irish moss and the other a pretty flower called portulaca.  The Irish moss gives you long-term hydration that you really do continue to feel long after you’ve applied it to your skin.  The portulaca gives you a nice tightening effect.  If only you could walk through fields of mushrooms and natural flora and get the same effect!
Lips Pre and Post Serum Application
Well, we did the heavy-picking and so far are pretty pleased with our initial testing.  We’ve had 12+ willing volunteers and we keep gaping at how good the results are with the pictures taken.  I have to admit I couldn’t wait to be the first one to try it once we finalized this latest version.  Here are my pics of my lips where I applied it (taken on my Blackberry so not a perfect comparison, our medical photographer would not approve!)- you really can see some instant plumping.  It looks like I had just gotten fillers injected and was a little swollen. Since then, I’ve been using it twice daily and I’ve been really happy with how healthy my skin looks.  People with mature skin have shown the greatest improvement with their wrinkles actually looking distinctly blurred. 
We are just waiting on some final testing to make sure we are good to go.  We plan on launching it in the spring- which is fitting, what with the beautiful bounty of flora that it contains.  We are still throwing around names for it (other than Magic Mushroom, which has already been vetoed).  Throw any suggestions our way- we need help! We’ll let you know the launch date too once it is confirmed so you can try it for yourself.
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Certain characteristics fit the mold of the “ideal” signs of beauty and youth.

Let’s face it, we all want to fight Mother Nature when it comes to signs of aging. Fortunately there are ways to restore what we have lost, and I am going to let you in on the secrets to revitalize your natural youthful beauty. Beauty and high volume cheek bones go hand in hand along with full lips and wide eyes, but for many women the allure of a sculpted cheek is irresistable. It keeps a defined jaw line, lifts and shapes your face entirely; perhaps this is why high cheek bones are synonymous with traditional idea of glamour. Maybe you weren’t born with Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Lauren’s coveted facial traits, but I have tips to help you with the illusion of shaping and creating volume where it is lost. Highlighting and contour is one of the most powerful tools available in makeup, but most makeup neophytes will shy away from utilizing its benefits. Highlighting will draw the light to catch the attention to more flattering areas and shaping with contour will cast a shadow to create depth to sculpt the face.
Learn more when you come in to visit CyberDERM.
The newest trend in replacing lost volume and enhancing the youthful contours of the face, is the non-surgical innovative injectable hyaluronic volumiser “VOLUMA” by Juvederm. It’s natural feeling and safe. It will breathe new life to anyone’s look with immediate improvements that lifts and restores. You will fall in love with the results and it will be a love affaire for a full 18 months!
This sets it apart from all other temporary fillers with the maximum volume and duration, confirming Dr. Laughlin’s philosophy of less product with paramount results. Laserderm is one of the select Cosmetic Medical Clinics that carry this exclusive FDA cleared product.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
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