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How to Gift Skincare: For the Newbie

How to Gift Skincare This Holiday Season

Skincare is fast overtaking the other elements of the beauty market like colour cosmetics in 2018. It has become the ultimate humble brag to post the #nomakeup selfie where minimalist makeup lets your skin shine as the number one star.  People are also proudly posting their #shelfies to show off their collection of skincare bottles.  This is all to say, that skincare products, rather than a new bottle of perfume or eye shadow palette, have become objects of lust- things that people want to treat themselves to and receive as gifts.  As the holiday season approaches and you start to formulate gift ideas, giving skincare is actually a legitimate gift idea but the question remains, how to you give it?  For our next couple of blogs, we are going to be tackling how to give skincare for the different types of people in your life.  First up- the skincare newbie.

Skincare Newbies

We all have those people in our life that ask what you use for skincare only to get a complete look of being overwhelmed as soon as you start to list off your 12 step skincare regimen.  Some people have been soap and water types for all of their lives but as they get older feel it’s not working for them anymore.  Others may be your growing teenager or college student that never had major skin issues like with acne but are starting to looking to take on more as they become a young professional. For the person looking to dip their big toe into the world of skincare- this is the list for you.

The Basics

Let’s get Clean

Olait cleanser, holiday skincare guide

A gentle cleanser is such an easy way to start in the way of gifting skincare- everyone needs one! For the minimalist, an elegant cleanser will be an upgrade from what they are using, tell them to back away from the paraben laden Cetaphil.  Our O+Lait Oil to Milk Melting Cleanser is fun because it has a different application method than your standard cleanser. You apply it to dry skin as a clear hydrating gel, you then apply water and watch as it transforms to a super silky milky emulsion.  You can apply it to dry skin and then leave it on for up to ten minutes so it doubles as a hydrating treatment too.  It’s jojoba oil and glycerin mixture means your starting them off on the right foot of not stripping the skin with a sulfate based cleanser.  Their skin will feel a lot more hydrated and they will get to feel like they are treating themselves to something different. They can also brag to their friends about how they are using a different type of cleanser and start to feel like skincare aficionados themselves.  Hopefully they make it a new habit (it’s said to take 30 continuous days to make one), one that will pay off over their lifetime, all thanks to you!


Intensive Soothing Serum, Natrèceutique holiday skincare guide

A simple way to make a huge impact in someone’s skincare routine is to show them the way of a serum. Even the newbiest of the newbies will be using some form of moisturizer, whether it was the Pond’s cream their grandmother used, to the coconut oil from their kitchen, to the big tub of Vaseline they use for everything else.  In a perfect world, it would be good to move them away from thick, occlusive moisturizers that may make the skin look more hydrated but is not treating the skin in any shape or form.  I’ve seen people’s eyes light up the first time they try a serum because it really is the best way to drive hydration deeper into the skin and make it look lit from within.  I find that more mature skin really appreciates our Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum, especially as part of their makeup routines, as it creates a beautiful canvas for their makeup.  People who are looking for a more natural option or want more hydration/less plumping love our Intensive Soothing Serum from our Natrèceutique line.  Both products also happen to be quite pretty on the shelf with their heavy-bottomed glass containers. They feel luxurious so they feel like a treat, one that actually treats the skin and thus the perfect giftable combo!



Did you know that a recent study showed that using sunscreen alone with no other corrective skincare product helped people resolve their most common skin complaints like pigmentation, uneven texture and lack of clarity by up to 52%! It’s thought that the skin has a natural way of regenerating itself as long as we protect it from the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  In other words, defend your skin and it will pay you back dividends.  There are of course the life saving benefits in preventing skin cancer, with some estimates claiming a possible prevention rate of up to 70%.  Getting a young person to start using sunscreen as part of their every day routine is honestly life changing.  Even getting a former sun worshipper to start will dramatically change the look of their skin over time.  People with more mature skin types will appreciate the hydration of our Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25, some may feel they can forgo an extra moisturizer in the morning.  The young Millenial or teenager in your life, or for those who self-identify as haters of sunscreen, will appreciate the light weight texture of Ava Isa SPF 45- once applied it completely disappears on the skin and can act as a make-up primer.

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There you are- choose one new product for your newbie and put a bow on it or wrap it up as a trio.  Take a little time in the card to explain how to use their new product and they will forever think of you every time they look in the mirror and love their improved complexion.  Good job!