Every week, we’ll feature one of the many ingredients we have hand selected to be in our cult fave products. We’ll tell you what they do for your skin but we’ll also share trade secrets as to how much we actually use in our formulas vs. recommended % and how much they cost.  How is that for transparency?

Ingredient Name: Ectoins

Ectoins The Hero Ingredient found In CyberDERM's H20 Hydration
Ectoins: The Defender of Skin Cells Against UVA, Pollution and More

CD Product Used In: H20 Hydration

Official Name: Ectoins
Skin Benefits: Stimulates skin’s immuno-response to external aggressors like UVA damage, pollution, heat, and wind. Recent in-vivo test showed it minimizes existing wrinkles and prevents future ones.  Also, ultra-nourishing for the skin and increases moisture factor. Ideal for products used in conjunction with sunscreens.
Origin: Natural Micro-Organism found in Egyptian deserts
Recommended Use level: .3%-2%
CD % Used: 1%

Cost: $2000/kg

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