Nu-Shroom Before and After

We’ve been touting the amazing instantaneous effect that our Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum showed in our R&D.  Well here is one amazing before and after from our pilot study.  Our volunteer’s skin looks dramatically improved, it looks hydrated and plumped up.  Any fine lines are softened and diminished. Her pores look just generally tightened.  Any ruddy tones are diminished.  Even the area around her orbital bones looks gently lifted.  All of this occurred 2-3 minutes after application, once the product had been fully absorbed.  Of course, the product is also designed to bring long term anti-aging benefits- the instant improvement is just a little extra incentive to keep using it!

Feel free to send us your before and afters- we hope you enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Nu-Shroom Before and After

    1. Sara Dudley

      Hi, that is an interesting question. The product is not relaxing anything muscular so in that sense it’s not really like Botox. It works instead by drawing a lot of moisture to the skin’s surface. Our make-up artist uses a great analogy of plumping up a raisin back into a grape so think about the skin rehydrating. The product does have other actives to help with long term anti-aging as well so don’t just think of it as an immediate quick fix. I like to use it in the mornings before my H20 Hydration and my Simply Zinc or Every Morning Sun Whip. Thanks for the question!


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