Our Product Line in Two Words

With the introduction of our Nu-shroom Hydrafill Serum, our product line is now standing at a lucky seven in total.  We do a lot of visits to tradeshows and retail partners and I can see that sometimes it can be overwhelming to build a skincare regimen with all of the options.  How do you use the Emblica Light and Bright versus the PM Anti-Age? What should I use for hydration the Nu-Shroom or the H20?  We do have our regimen packages to help simplify but I thought it would be helpful if I could reduce the benefits of each of our non-sunscreen products to two, very succinct words.  Well, there will be a little bit of description because let’s face it- I’m a little on the wordy side.
I’m going to focus on our 5 cosmeceuticals. If you want to know which of our Sun Whip’s is right for you, then go to this very aptly named post, “Which Sun Whip is right for You?”
PM Anti-Age: Anti-Age, Brighten.
Our PM is the most fully loaded of all of our anti-aging cosmeceuticals.  If you think about the aging process in the skin, there are multiple factors that contribute to it.  Our PM Anti-age tackles all of them conceptually at a cellular level.  This is definitely our best all-round anti-ager. Its second benefit of brightening comes from the use of Turmeric.  It’s nice because while the other ingredients are working behind-the-scenes, the turmeric is delivering visible results with a brighter more luminous complexion. 
H20 Hydration: Hydrate and Calm
Our H20 is still an anti-aging moisturizer.  It’s got actives like Tetrapeptides, Resveratrol and Ectoins that all help to keep collagen, elastin and epidermal cells in tip top working shape.  However, they all also help calm inflammation at a cellular level and at a visible level in terms of redness and irritation.  I think of our H20 like a down comforter for the face- it shields you from the sometimes, big bad world outside and keeps you cozy and comfortable within. 
Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum: Plump and Hydrate
Serums by their very nature target their actives past the superficial dead layer of the skin to the living epidermis below. Our Nu-Shroom is excellent and delivers instant hydration past the skin’s surface, which is why it plumps as well.  The best visual I can offer is of a raisin regaining its moisture to go back to its initial grape shape. 
Exfoliant Reveal: Smooth and Soften
Our Exfoliant dissolves the dead layer of skin that we all have. Twenty minutes after applying our Exfoliant I will give my face a gentle massage just using my fingertips. Typically, you will feel the dead skin pill away and come off.  I do not think that anything works as well as an exfoliant with a good amount of glycolic acid in keeping the skin smooth.
Emblica Light and Bright: Lighten and Brighten
All of our product names give clues as to what they do, but this one is pretty overt as to what it is about right in its name.  We designed this product to treat pigment in all of its incarnations.  For those with hyperpigmentation or melasma, this product works to halt those overworking melanocytes in their tracks.  It also tells overly reactive skin to calm down, which also stops you skin from over producing melanin as a defensive mechanism.  We added Turmeric to this formula as well to help provide overall brightening as well but it does not have the same anti-aging focus as our PM Anti-Age.  

You may be wondering how do you fit in all these little gems with their different benefits into one 24 hour period.  I always say that it’s great to start with a regular regimen- one that you have set for yourself, hopefully with the help of a great skincare consultant.  However, once you get to know your skin, understand its needs, desires and dreams- it’s about going beyond the regimen.  You learn to treat it symptomatically based on current pressing needs but then also be strategic about your long term anti-aging plan.  

Of course, we are always here to be your skincare sherpas- if you need us!  Write us or comment below and we will do our ever lovingly best.  

All the best,

Sara Dudley

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