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How to Gift Skincare: For the Skincare Aficionado

How to Gift Skincare This Holiday Season

The Skincare Aficionado

As the 2nd instalment in our Holiday series in how to gift skincare, we are tackling the Mount Everest of people to give a gift to: the aficionado.  They are the tastemakers in your life.  They may not be paid for it on Instagram but they have the covetable ability to influence.  You find yourself wondering where they got that new scarf, how do they make bell bottom jeans look cute again, and most importantly, what do they use on their skin.  You may be wondering then at the hubris in attempting to give them skincare.  How would that even work? Can you do it? Of course you can- we have the inside track on what to give this insider who knows it all.  The key? Give something with a cult following but real street cred in the active department.

The Omni-Potent Powerhouse

Power, Power and More Power

Retin+Erase, CyberDERM, holiday gift shopping

Our Retin+Erase has a cult following for a reason.  Sure a fancy La Mer product might have a high price tag, but this little gem has the enviable status of having the highest known concentrations of this type of active in North America.  It’s a hybrid molecule that is a part of the Vitamin A derivative family- think a close relation to prescription retinoids and retinol.  If you were to gift the equivalent 1% active concentration of either a retinoid or even a retinol, your friend might not appreciate that you’ve caused their face to molt as though it had been sandblasted. In other words, it would be a tad harsh.  Our Retin+Erase is so giftable because really everyone can use it without difficulty but still get impressive results.  You can mention that your dermatologist had it exclusively first made for her patients like the best of any Hollywood celebrity physicians.  It’s pretty and luxe feeling to boot- so you have all angles covered!

 The Green Beauty Godess

Natrèceutique, Calm in the Evening skincare, organic skincare

Let’s say your friend instead is more of the green goodness variety- she drops the word ‘toxic’ easily, explains to you about the carcinogens in your favourite neighbourhood pizza, and sips delicately from her daily green smoothie.  You might need to modify your gift giving tactic.  You could mention that you’ve heard about the ‘zero-irritant’ trend in green beauty and read the worrisome study that some essential oils can themselves be dreaded endocrine disruptors. Yikes! What is a green beauty diva to do? Fortunately, our new line Natrèceutique blends the best in luxury green beauty with the latest in Western medicine.  It also happens to be zero-irritant free and contains no essential oils, fragrances of any kind or any common skin allergens like tea tree oil or aloe.  Instead, it contains a short curated list full of plant derived goodness like our Inca Inchi Oil at a 10% concentration, harvested sustainably. It also features the lesser known actives like Ectoins or AOX (Norwegian Spruce extract) with more commonly known superfoods like Turmeric.

holiday skincare, Simply Zinc Ultra SPF 50

Finally, it can be a challenge for anyone to find a ‘green’ sunscreen that meets the most stringent criteria while also being aesthetic. Fortunately, both our Simply Zinc Ultra SPF 50 from our clinical line CyberDERM and our two formulas from our ultra matte Ava Isa SPF 45 line check both of these boxes.  Gift one of these babies and your friend or loved one will be impressed and have the ultimate in protection for their skin every single day.

There you have it- you have no need to be intimidated by your know it all skincare enthusiast.  Show them the light on these au courant products and they will be truly appreciative this holiday giving season.

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Pur Opulence and The Sunscreen Company Brand Overview

Kiara from Pur Opulence had a chance to feel out some of our most popular products from across our three brands Ava Isa, CyberDERM and Natrèceutique. Check out her thoughts and recos- a great summer read.

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Natrèceutique, Intensive Soothing Serum

Introducing Natrèceutique Intensive Soothing Serum

New Natrèceutique.

We do not typically launch an entirely new brand with so little fanfare.  We have a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment and we’ll be doing some larger scale reveals with a little more pomp and circumstance.  Frankly, these are beautiful products and they deserve a little celebration.  For now though, for our loyal customers, we are so pleased to quietly present a new product from a new brand.

What is Natrèceutique?

The idea for Natrèceutique was born when we attempted to sell an all-natural luxury product line in our sister clinic and ended up discontinuing it. Customers liked the idea of it but we were constantly in conflict with our referring dermatologists.  They disliked the long list of ingredients.  They hated the use of essential oils.  They were not having the use of fragrances, whether they were natural or synthetic. They were not a fan of Vitamin E as a preservative or other naturally derived ingredients that are sensitizers, especially in their patient population that very often has compromised skin.

It seemed a missed opportunity that the Western medical world and the green beauty world could not speak to each other.  Our original skincare line started as a medical one but we shared a lot of ideas with the green beauty space.  We are huge proponents of being critical of ingredients that get absorbed into your body.  We have never used what we consider ‘filler’ ingredients, i.e. cheap, synthetics that are intended to make the product look or feel better but do nothing for the skin.  We had fallen in love with a large number of all-natural ingredients with impressive mechanisms of action and we’d been using them in high concentrations to get the best results.

It made us think, if a dermatologist were to create an all-natural line, what would it look like?

It would be Natrèceutique or as we like to think of it, Nature Distilled.

What’s different about the line?

We were pretty clear about what was not going to be in the line. No essential oils.  No known allergens or sensitizers like Vitamin E.  We were going to keep the ingredient list ,as we always do, simple.

You cannot create a line though out of what is not in a product.  We’d amassed over the years a list of beautiful actives of natural derivation that we were excited about.  We also wanted the line to have the same credibility as our clinical line.  We started to explore the pharmacopeia of natural ingredients.  We dug deep into the vast world of polyphenols and their complex chemistry.  We also looked at medical journals to see the natural roots of many common medicines.  In fact, most Western medicine have nature based ancestors before they begin down the path of being processed and synthesized.  We also had our deep understanding of the pathology of the skin and common skin concerns due to our dermatology background.  All combined, we had a wish list of fantastic natural actives. We furthered refined this list with criteria for preserving the ingredients through distillation processes that maintained their integrity and for sustainable harvesting practices.

How is the line going to make my skin better?

We’d always received the consistent feedback that while people loved our original clinical line, some women with mature skin needed some extra hydration. I always reminded people not to confuse the thickness of a product with hydration.  I tried to point out the myth that a Pond style cream was delivering extra moisture when really it just had occlusive ingredients and thickeners in it.  I also pointed out that the harder work in terms of hydration is to improve the cellular mechanisms within the skin that preserves its own natural hydration rather than just adding it back in through a product.  That’s all true.

However, after having my daughter, postpartum skin hit and for the first couple of months I could experience first hand what some of our customers had been feeling.  As my doctor said, my body at that moment had a lot in common with a post-menopausal woman.  I could see how dehydrated my skin was- it’s internal ability to retain moisture was temporarily gone.  It thought this whole preserving skin for the future is great, but I need moisture and I need it now!

I think I owe those women who wrote into us an apology for not realizing what they were saying, sooner.  I had to take a trip in their skin to truly appreciate their concerns. I’m happy to say that the products in Natrèceutique will hopefully support them while delivering our other benefits.

Their are a couple of key ways to provide richness and hydration that actually benefit the skin.  I like plant oils because they have a rich polyphenol chemistry to them that can nourish the skin.  We chose to use Inca Inchi Oil at 10% in a lot of the formulas (launching soon) because it has a well balanced ratio of Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s.  We also include Hibiscus Oil because of the anthocyanins that give the flowers their beautiful colour, the same ones shared with a lot of berries.

I find that oils need to be complemented with something that provides a barrier protection to be effective. It’s the same issue I had with my daughter when I tried to use pure coconut oil on her bottom instead of diaper cream.  It was great for hydration and being an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial but it had zero barrier abilities so we got in trouble and she had a bad bout of diaper rash.  For Natrèceutique, we included this award winning emulsifier that includes a small amount of beeswax.  It just provides the slightest barrier protection so that the hydration in the product has some staying power.

What is the Natrèceutique Intensive Soothing Serum all about?

The Intensive Soothing Serum is an oil-free humectant based hydrator.  This means that it does not include the Inca Inchi and Hibiscus Oil blend but features a fermented corn sugar that draws water to the skin’s surface.  It’s a similar concept to hyaluronic acid.  It’s more intensively hydrating than our current Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum so is a great option to supplement with.  I’ve been using this product every night for the past several months and most nights, I will only use a dime sized amount before then layering on something like our H20 Hydration or PM Anti-Age.  Once a week though, I’ve started to saturate my skin by using almost a quarter size of product. It creates an invisible mask that slowly sinks in throughout the night.  You wake up with a very dewy complexion that I’m a fan of- especially since my postpartum dehydrated skin days.

It uses 5% date extract because we are committed to using ingredients at their effective concentration based on their supporting clinicals, irregardless of cost.  It’s a potent anti-oxidant that has evidence showing it also improves micro-circulation so is beneficial for rosaceous or inflamed skin.

It’s all in all a simple product but in my mind, that is the beauty of the line.  Keep things simple when they need to be. Be curated and intentional.  There is no reason then why both worlds, medical and green beauty, can’t get along.

All the best,