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Wedding Beauty Regimen

Just under a year ago, I shared my one year plan for all things that would go into a Wedding Beauty Regimen.   If you missed the post, you can click here to catch up on what was a very elaborate plan.  As I said before, I love to try all sorts of things beauty-wise so I pretty much used the year as an excuse to forge some new beauty trails.  I think that this is as close as I will ever feel to being a celebrity.  Just imagine though, what will be a one time deal for me, they have to do 10-20 times per year!  I’m really glad that they are paid big bucks, these #firstworldproblems are very tiring (lol).

In retrospect, I stuck pretty close to my plan but there have been some key add-ins and drops along the year. I’m writing this a couple of days before my wedding so I can’t fully comment on the end result (or how the day went in general!). However, here is a brief breakdown of how the year went:

9 months:

Original Plan: Hair consultation plus Intensive year long use of Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo ($30) to extend blow-outs

Actual Execution:  It took a little trial and error to get used to using Dry Shampoo- you actually have to use more than you would think. This particular product was great for extending my hair styling to 3 days and it didn’t have any issues with showing up as white on my dark hair!  I’m keeping this product in my routine going forward.

8 months:

Original Plan: Foto-facials ($350 +/-) per session

Actual Execution: I got my annual foto-facial without any issue- it is a great investment for everyone to do as part of annual maintenance routine.

7 months:

Original Plan: full ablation of scar

Actual Execution:  It turns out that I didn’t need full resurfacing of my scar.  Instead, I received 2 treatments with a fractionated laser and specific type of filler was ‘poured’ into the fresh holes.  It worked really well and even I don’t notice the mark anymore!

6 months:

Original Plan: Clip in Hair Extensions ($300 +)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Actual Execution:  I went to my normal hair stylist at the Cabinet Salon on Queen Street West (ask for Jonny, he is fantastic!) and got ombre highlights.  We just added a few for a little bit of dimension, the fact that they are ombre makes them very low maintenance in terms of having to redo them. They can grow out and look very natural.  I just had to make sure to ease up on the styling with hot tools and make sure to keep them nice and hydrated with professional products. I’m a big fan of the Bumble and Bumble styling oil.  I ended up getting my clip in extensions a couple of months later from the stylist doing my hair for the wedding (Allure Hair and Make-up in St. Catherines).  She dyed my extensions to match my highlights and incorporated them into my hair trial.  I ended up with really long hair, which I’ve never had before.  I spent the whole time transfixed with my faux length.  My extensions ended up being $350 because of the cost of the highlights, otherwise they would have been roughly $275. I’m looking forward to trying these out just for regular use.

5 months:

Original Plan: Fillers if you normally get them

Actual Execution: This was one major change-up since we had recently brought in the Coolsculpting technology into our sister clinic.  I wrote a separate post about my Coolsculpting experience, you can click here to read.  It was such a big help in getting those little areas that really bothered me for my dress- it was so nice not to be self-conscious of my little trouble area on my back area especially! The approximate cost is normally $700+ per area.

4 months:

Original Plan: Latisse, $200 per 5 ml

Actual Execution: Yes, I absolutely used Latisse! Latisse is helpful even if you are planning on getting lash extensions since it’s helpful to have strong lashes to support the extensions.  I also added in daily Oil pulling with coconut oil.  I mentioned my love for oil pulling in another post as well, you can click here to read. I was primarily motivated by the lure of sparkling white teeth and from that point of view, it’s been a huge success!  I really do enjoy the daily ten minute swish- my fiancé/husband might enjoy the 10 mins of silence but he knows better than to say anything.  In either case, I think my oral health has improved so I’m sticking with this!

3 months:

Original Plan: Make-up Trial

Wedding Beauty Regimen

Wedding Make-up, with Jane Iredale, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Dior

Actual Execution: I’ve been adding a couple of products and playing with them to make sure they are giving me the look that I want for the day. I pilfered our store plus made some stops to Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart. The hardest part was actually finding a lipstick that I wanted- you want something that will show up in pictures but not be too much in person, something that will last and won’t get all over your husband-to-be’s face when you kiss him.  In terms of make-up, I’m still using mostly Jane Iredale especially for anything base related.  I’m using the BB cream for my undereyes due to Panda sized dark circles, Liquid foundation with Amazing Base to cover.  The Beyond Matte and the Triple Pearl Powder will be the finishing touches.  In terms of non-Jane products, I opted for Bobbi Brown for a non-glimmer based bronzer and their creamy blush.  I am sticking with my Urban Decay eye liner and Benefit Gimme Brows for brow definition.  For the lipstick, after much back and forth, I decided on the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Vertigo for a pretty but punchy pink/fuschia that is novel for being saturated like a lipstick and have no stickiness like a conventional lacquer.

1-2 months:

Original Plan: Spray tan and Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions, CyberDERM

Me with Eyelash Extensions

Actual Execution:  I decided to go for the full kit and caboodle so I went for both services.  Over the year, I realized that I just don’t have the patience for perfect application of a self-tanner and this is one day where I don’t want any small blotches. I decided to go to Axis Spa in Yorkville for an hour-long service that includes professional application and exfoliation of St. Tropez.  It’s on the higher end cost-wise for a spray tan ($100) but was absolutely worth it. They are all lovely professionals at Axis and Lorraine, the medical aesthetician that did my spray tan, was incredible!  For my lash extensions, I went to Jeena at the Porcelain Room on Queen Street West.  You want someone who is very credible for this service since they are applying adhesive close to the eye area.  Jeena was very knowledgeable about her craft, and helped me to weigh the pros and cons of my options and we decided together the best time to come in for my service (we decided 2.5 weeks before the wedding and allowing for a possible re-touch just before if needed). You can definitely get a broad range of looks depending on the amount of lashes you have applied (I had about 40+) and the length.  I had size 12 for most of my eyes and they were definitely very long!  I felt a little odd going to the grocery store and felt like everyone would notice my fake eyelashes.  No one seemed to.  For a big event, it was a nice size.  For every day, most people would be happy with size 8-10.

I also made sure to really start treating my hands and feet well for the month before.  I used

Hair extensions

Our H20 Hydration, Exfoliant Reveal, Every Morning Sun Whip, Neem Oil, Nu-Shroom, proto-type facial oil and Clarins for a boost of daily colour.

one of our proto-types we’ve been testing, it’s a facial oil, on both my hands and feet at night and slept with socks on. I wanted soft and hydrated hands and feet for pictures so the prestige facial care was worth it and perfect for the summer.  In terms of facial care, I made sure to regularly exfoliate with our Exfoliant Reveal, correct pigment with our Emblica Light and Bright and stay hydrated with our Nu-Shroom and H20 Hydration.  I also had one unforeseen skincare saver in the form of Neem Oil.  For the odd stress breakout- Neem oil was a very gentle but effective spot treatment.  I used it once daily on any spots for 1-2 days and everything cleared up without getting irritated.  I wasn’t sure about using it but ended up being really happy with the results.  One word of caution though- it smells a little bit like rotten vegetation so use it sparingly and warn your loved ones.

In short, it was a lot for one day but I honestly enjoyed 95% of it.  I also should note that I didn’t have to pay for many of the services if they were done at our sister clinic.  I don’t know that it would be a very affordable prospect for someone to try and replicate, nor should anyone feel they have to.  I had some unique advantages because of my work but I tried to keep it in the spirit of having fun rather than feeling pressure to look perfect for the day of.  You can see the results yourself below- I was quite happy with how it all came together!

wedding day beauty

Photo Credit: Gemini Photography

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